Yssaw talks ‘Periods’

Now, I wonder to myself as I write this post, should I really be posting a topic about the menstrual cycle on my first post?

But I digress, I made it a personal mission to post whatever comes to mind and seeing as I am currently on my red river of doom, there’s nothing more apropos to talk about than the pain of a thousand needles stabbing at my nether regions.

Personally I have always been a pad woman until I engaged in the sport of badminton and tennis,  wherein pads where horribly uncomfortable to be in. I decided to change to tampons and promptly fell in love.

The first time fears of a tampon getting stuck in my vagina and conducting TSS was there for a small moment ignored in favour of the beautiful freedom that a tampon gives me.

However the post is about something I would like to know is it just I or has anyone experienced taking off a used tampon or pad and throwing it away afterwards realising that there are no replacements in the near vicinity.

Like myself,  did you also prepare a makeshift pad using toilet paper so you could run to the nearest pad or tampon place or did you deign to suffer the humiliation of stained underpants?

This question is a bit of a mystery to myself and any answers are appreciated.

If there is anyone in this universe.

Or if there’s even a universe to speak off.


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