Yssaw talks work

No one wants to talk about this, I know. This is probably the topic anyone of age wants to avoid but work is an essential part of life unless of course if you are an heiress or have a trust fund in which case I beg.of you to pay for my college education.  Work can be manual labor, food service or customer service.

We all abhor our jobs with the fury of a thousand burning Sun’s. (?) As such, I think it deserves a post to ramble on about.

As part of the customer service team, my job is to constantly try to not kill myself and smile at customers and provide service of course with a very very fake smile.

My job is also boring as hell.

Of course there are things that I do enjoy such as the work gossip and making fun of customers as they pass by. But this does not change the fact that I will sell my soul to the devil if I could have a day off. Or days.

There. Obligatory ramble done.


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